Frequently Asked Questions

What is OHBMX?
OHBMX is an on-line event that happens on Twitter during the equinox. The purpose of OHBMX is to gather, in the span of 24 hours, a collection of twitter-based presentations from neuroscientists/neuroimagers around the world. OHBMX can be called a “Twitter conference” with abstract submissions, invited keynote Tweeters, and lively discussions between the audience and presenters. The OHBMX Twitter conference is low-carbon footprint, in that it does not require the presenters to travel to a location and can reach a very wide audience, not just brain researchers. OHBMX is the evolution of Brain.TC, the brain twitter conference (see previous year edition here:

What does OHBMX stand for?
OHMBX stands for the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping - EquinoX

Who is behind OHBMX?
OHBMX was the brainchild of OHBM Chair Elect Professor Aina Puce, building on the successful Brain.TC.

The organisers are:
Enrico Glerean @eglerean
Michele Veldsman @micheleveldsman
Narayan P Subramaniyam @narayanps_
Baran Aydogen
Chao-Gan Yan
Koos Zevehoven
Dimitrios Pantazis @dimitrpantazis
Juulia Suvilehto @JSuvilehto
Onerva Korhonen @OnervaKorhonen
Sheraz Khan
Aina Puce @aina_puce
JoAnn Taie [OHBM Executive]
Stephanie McGuire [OHBM Executive]

How does a Twitter conference work?
A twitter conference is a virtual conference that takes place live on Twitter. Keynote Tweeters are invited to present their work in the form of a series of tweets delivered at a specific time. There will also be an open invitation for scientists to submit an abstract to present during the conference. Presenters with accepted abstracts will deliver 6 tweets showcasing their work in a scheduled 15 minute time slot. The virtual conference allows the scientific community to share their work globally with everyone without the need to travel across the world.

How do I participate?
You may participate either as a Presenter, or as a Participant. A presenter gives a talk via a series of no more than 6 tweets presented during a 15 min time slot. To be considered as a Presenter, please submit an abstract for review using the form below. The abstract should be no more than 3000 characters long, and will be published in the online conference proceedings (Abstract submission form).
A Participant follows the talks on-line and can comment and ask questions to Presenters and Keynotes on Twitter. Simply follow the conference hashtag #ohbmx to view conference tweets.

What is the planned structure of each tweet? – a pdf, 240 words, figure, movie?
Read more about it at 2019 #brainTC help page

Are there themes?
We are not yet planning a specific theme for the first OHBMX, but we will consider making it more thematic in the future should the feedback from online attendees indicate that.

Is there a request for new material or published material or both?
There are no limitations on content. We encourage presenters to show results that have not been published before or results from recent preprints. Content might also include a literature review of a particular topic.

What will be the timing of the every few minutes?
Presenters each have a 15 minute time slot and 6 tweets. Keynotes have 30 minutes and 10 tweets. It is up to the presenter to decide the timings for the sequence of tweets. You can read more about it at the 2019 #brainTC help page

Will it be identified by a hashtag?
Each tweet by the chair and by the presenters will contain the hashtag #ohbmx

Will there be a competition?
We are evaluating whether we should have a prize for the tweet that gets the most “likes” or comments as well as the best tweet presentation.

Who are the keynote speakers?
The OHBMX keynote "speakers" (or tweeters) include Lucina Uddin, Michael Breakspear, Laura Lewis, Lauri Parkkonen, Thomas Yeo and Karla Miller.

Previous keynote speakers at BrainTC:

[link to keynote]

Human Brain Project
[link to keynote]

Uta Frith (University College London)
[link to keynote]

Riitta Hari (Aalto University)-
[link to keynote]

Aina Puce (Indiana University)
[link to keynote]

Sophie Scott (University College London)
[link to keynote]

Rebecca Saxe (MIT)
[link to keynote]

OHBM (Organization for Human Brain Mapping)
[link to keynote]

Matti Hämäläinen (Harvard Medical School)
[link to keynote]

Aude Oliva (MIT)
[link to keynote]


Alice Proverbio (University of Milano-Bicocca)
[link to keynote]

Jay van Bavel (New York University)-
[link to keynote]

Stephanie Jones (Brown University)
[link to keynote]

Russ Poldrack (Stanford University)
[link to keynote]

Paul Thompson (University of Southern California)
[link to keynote]

Are there any website or info on abstract submission?
Click here to submit your abstract for OHBMX. Abstract should be submitted by 28/02/2020, 23:59 of IDLW time zone.

How are you planning to reach those countries where Twitter is not accessible?
We are testing automation between Twitter and other social media services to re-tweet the presentations on the day of the event.

Can I submit more than one abstract?
Yes, but abstracts will be reviewed and if a large volume of abstracts are received, presenters will be limited to one presentation only.

Can I submit to the conference without having an academic affiliation?
Yes. Many individuals work in the corporate or clinical sphere and may wish to present their work.

Will the abstracts/tweets will be published as a part of conference proceedings ?
We are currently exploring potential options along these lines.

What is the scope of the conference?
The scope of the OHBMX conference fits in with OHBMs overall mission, which is to advance the understanding of the anatomical and functional organization of the human brain, and promote its medical and societal applications. Specifically, OHBM aims to bring together researchers engaged in studying human brain organization (MRI, fMRI, PET, EEG/MEG and other cutting edge approaches such as electrophysiology, preclinical imaging, neuroepidemiology, genetics). OHBM aims to facilitate communication among these scientists and promote education in human brain organization.

How can I contact you?
You can send us a message on Twitter @OHBMequinoX or email us at